This is why those in the know go to Tobago

From the lush, unspoilt rainforest to its undiscovered beaches: This is why those in the know go to Tobago

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With summer a distant memory and winter just around the corner, it’s no wonder we’re longing to escape the long dark days and to feel the sun on our backs once more.

If this sounds familiar, and you’re on the look out for the ultimate location to get away from it all, then Tobago could be the spot for you.

This Caribbean island is an unspoilt paradise where you can do as much or as little as you please. From white sandy beaches to rainforests full of exotic wildlife, whether you’re looking for adventure or romance, you’ll find it here. 

There are 101 reasons to visit Tobago but here are just a few of our favourites. 

The most beautiful beaches 

Tobago has so many idyllic beaches, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you. Whether you’re looking for remote hidden bays or want to try out some thrilling water sports, Tobago has the best of both worlds. 

Golden sands, lapping waves and crystal waters are around every corner in Tobago. You’ll feel like you’re in heaven at Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

This famous beach combines the beauty of golden sands and clear waters with all the amenities and activities you could hope for, so you can really make a whole day of it. Lie back and soak up the sun or try your hand at jet skiing and kite surfing, before indulging in the local cuisine at the beachside bars and restaurants.

Pirate’s Bay

Pirate’s Bay is only accessible by boat and steps down to the sand

On the Caribbean coast of Tobago you’ll find secluded bays, warm waters and breathtaking coral reefs and the brilliantly named Pirate’s Bay has got it all. Untouched and wild, this private spot is only accessible by boat or by steps down to the sand. So if you’re feeling intrepid this is the beach for you. Any effort required to get there is greatly rewarded by the haven you’ll find at the end.

Nylon Pool

Will you find the secret to eternal youth at Nylon Pool?

Nylon Pool isn’t technically a beach but it makes up for that with its unbelievable beauty and romantic legend. This sandbank is located in the middle of the ocean just a few miles from the Tobago coastline and creates the most stunning location for swimming and snorkelling. And not only was it named by Princess Margaret who compared its crystal waters to her nylon stockings, but this pool is said to have magical powers. One is that swimming here can reverse the effects of aging by 10 years, but our favourite folklore is that couples who kiss under the surface will be granted a lifetime of happiness.   

Into the wild

Cool off with a refreshing waterfall shower after a hike through the breathtaking landscape

Tobago is home to the oldest UNESCO Listed rainforest in the Western hemisphere so you’ll find lush terrains full of life both on land, as well as the tropical world of the coral reefs under the sea. The chance to experience the unspoilt natural world is why Tobago should be at the top of your travel bucket list this year.

Witness a natural wonder

Watching leatherback turtles laying their eggs is an experience you’ll never forget

Every year between March and September, giant leatherback turtles come ashore to lay eggs at common nesting sites on the beaches of Tobago. Watching this moving event is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make it a priority on your visit to this incredible island.

Hike into heaven

Hiking in Tobago is an unforgettable experience. Trekking across a stunning landscape of hills, valleys and rugged terrain you’ll come across unbelievable views worth stopping for. And after a long journey, what could be better than cooling off underneath a stunning waterfall or taking a dip in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean sea?

Dive into the blue

Explore a tropical underwater world at dive sites all around the island

Whether you’re a scuba diving pro or are just starting out, Tobago has the facilities and instructors for every skill level, not to mention the most incredible dive sites. With spots all around the island’s coast, there’s an abundance of underwater wildlife to be found thanks to the Guyana current that feeds the reefs all year round. Moray eels, schools of brightly coloured fish, lobsters, seahorses, turtles, eagle rays, vibrant sponges and corals will all fight for your attention as you explore this amazing world beneath the waves.

Feel like a local

In Tobago you’ll receive the warmest of welcomes so make the most of your time on the island to get to know it’s history, culture and people. 

Dine like a local

Don’t leave until you’ve tried the signature dish of curried crab and dumplings

The food in Tobago is fresh and flavourful thanks to a combination of African, Indian, Chinese and European influences. So don’t leave until you’ve tried the signature dish of curried crab and dumplings and some freshly caught lobster. And make sure you try ‘chow’ from one of the many beach and street vendors. This delicious treat consists of pineapple or mango marinated in lime juice, pepper, garlic and Mexican coriander. We know, it sounds strange but trust us, you’ll be addicted.

Learn like a local 

Fort King George is a popular spot for a picnic with a view

Tobago has a large number of forts where you can learn about the history of the island and its people, while soaking up some beautiful vistas. The 18th century Fort King George overlooks the Atlantic and you’ll find restored prison cells and soldier barracks as well as gorgeous grounds, perfect for a picnic under the sun.

Party like a local  

Tobago Carnival is the biggest and best in the Caribbean

Seeing as Trinidad and Tobago was the birthplace of the steel pan and is renowned for its soca and calypso music, we dare you not to get up on your feet and dance while you’re on the island.  

A visit to ‘Sunday School’ in the village of Buccoo is an absolute must. This street party is alive with the sound of the Buccooneers Steel Band orchestra, before the main sound system takes over with the hottest soca beats. 

There’s also the annual carnival, as well as a jazz festival and many large religious celebrations throughout the year.

Plus, there are plenty of nightclubs and bars where you can immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of the island, while enjoying a sundowner cocktail.   

The perfect backdrop for romance

Fall in love all over again with a trip tailored for two in Tobago

If you’re looking for a getaway just for two, then Tobago is the destination you’ve been dreaming of. 

With deserted beaches, secluded lagoons, lovely hotels, private villas and spas, there’s every ingredient you’ll need for the most heavenly romantic break.

And not only are Tobago’s beautiful locations the ideal spot for a proposal, but did you know you can get married on the island too?

Start your lives together in paradise

Say your vows at one of the historical forts overlooking the ocean and seal your commitment with a kiss in the Nylon Pool. 

There are on-site wedding planners to make the whole process a breeze, so all you’ll have to do is enjoy the most special day of your lives.

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There are 101 reasons to go to Tobago, but you only need one. 

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