Tourists complain about overhyped ‘insignificant’ attraction

Every European city has a few ‘must see’ attractions but unfortunately not all the continent’s top landmarks leave tourists impressed. Whether it’s Barcelona’s Las Ramblas or a cheeky fountain in Brussels, a few of Europe’s most popular attractions aren’t quite hitting the mark.

According to Tripadvisor reviews, The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most overhyped attractions. The famous statue is perched on a rock at the city’s Langelinie Pier.

A tourist ‘Jonofromcas’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Small and insignificant statue hyped up to be something special. People clamber over the rocks to get close and there is a scrum of people directly in front of it as they are dispatched from the numerous tourist buses which flock here. I suppose it’s a Copenhagen must do, but it’s all hype.”

Another tourist ‘jaybeeFL’ said: “Like so many other sculptures, this is one that is somewhat overhyped especially if you are on a canal cruise since all you get to see are side and rear shots! So many better ‘must sees’ in this incredible city!”

Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fairytale, the Little Mermaid sculpture was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the city. The brewer first fell in love with the story when he saw a ballet interpretation at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Theatre.

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The Little Mermaid has been the victim of vandalism several times and the sculpture has even lost its head on two occasions. Each time, city officials have recovered the statue and restored her.

Another tourist said: “The statue is quite small with a backdrop of quite ugly buildings and its location near to cruise ships means it is invariably busy.”

‘S L’ said: “When you want to visit the Little Mermaid…you may want to manage your expectations. While I acknowledge the iconic status and got a photo from afar, I felt my visit to the Little Mermaid was overhyped and rather underwhelming.

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“The location is filled with tourists trying to get a close up picture and repeatedly risking themselves falling into the water and the entire system for bus tours is constructed almost in a manner befitting of a production line.”

However, another tourist said the travellers “risking their health for a selfie” made their visit to the Little Mermaid far more entertaining.

If Copenhagen’s famous resident doesn’t appeal, the city has plenty of other top attractions to discover. Tourists could check out the art at the National Gallery of Denmark of visit the city’s Botanic Gardens.

Fans of Hans Christian Anderson can learn more about the famous storyteller at the Hans Christian Andersen Experience, a museum celebrating the author’s life and work.

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