Tourists issued seat warning for flights on one budget airline

Whenever British tourists book flights on a budget airline, they’ll usually have to pay if they want to choose a seat.

Sometimes paying to book an extra legroom seat is the best option as passengers will be given more luggage allowance for free.

However, if passengers really don’t want to pay extra for a seat, there are a few tricks they can try.

Gavin Lapidus, travel expert and director at eShores, shared his top tips to avoid paying for a plane seat.

He also warned tourists there’s one budget airline where passengers are unlikely to be seated together without paying.

Gavin said: “While the best way to ensure you’re seated with your group is to pay for reserved seats, it is possible to sit together for free.

“Most major airlines have systems that place those in the same booking together, provided the seats haven’t already been booked.

“While check-in for paid seats opens earlier, free or random seating allocation is usually opened 24 hours before your flight. If you’re among the first to check-in, you’re more than likely to end up seated together.”

If passengers are among the first to check in, many airlines will seat them together automatically.

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However, Gavin warned passengers that Ryanair will nearly always separate groups of tourists.

He said: “An exception to airlines trying to place groups together is Ryanair. The airline allocates free seats, even within groups.

“This means a group booking will usually be spread out across the plane, despite checking in together.”

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If the flight isn’t full, members of the same group may be able to move closer to each other but this is unlikely to be the case in summer.

Travellers that want to sit together on a Ryanair flight are best off paying for a seat when they book.

Even if they don’t want to pay for a seat, there are a few ways British tourists can save money on luggage.

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