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This week on Trade Secrets, it’s all about groups. Join co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada as they talk to three travel advisors about how they successfully put together group trips during the pandemic using the “come away with me” strategy. Instead of finding a group leader to draw in travelers, they themselves become the leader, inspiring clients to have confidence in travel. Hear from Emer Coughlin, Carol McKee and Wendy Chambers.

In this episode:

1:21 – Meet Emer Coughlin of Celtic Hearts Travel, Atlanta, Ga.
1:52 – Meet Carol McKee of McKee Travel, Charlotte, N.C.
2:25  – Meet Wendy Chambers of Victory Travel, Westport, Conn.
3:09 – We’ve only got one question this week, but it’s a meaty one: A listener asks for success stories, step-by-step, on travel advisor-led group trips — not just “I did this” stories, but “here’s how I did this” stories
3:33 – A little background on Gifted Travel Network’s “come with me” strategy that’s been helpful for group sales during the pandemic
4:13 – Emer tells us about the river cruise group she arranged for 2021
7:14 – Carol on her inspiration (Emer) and execution of a group with Celestyal Cruises in Greece
18:27 – Wendy on her group trip to Kenya
28:12 – How Emer managed to keep her entire group traveling in 2022 after 2021’s river cruise was canceled
31:37 – Let your clients know where other people are traveling now

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