Travel Agents Can Benefit From Online Communities

In a time of crisis, people often turn to their community for advice. Right now, travel agents are facing an uphill battle trying to save their businesses as travel has come to a screeching halt and social distancing has cut off face-to-face interactions.

Just as society bands together as a community to save one another, so too can travel agents build their own online groups to problem-solve together.

Host Agency Reviews has a guide that identifies the benefits of building communities as well as places travel agents can go to get answers to questions or just come together for support.

Host Agency Reviews’ Mary Stein points out the benefits of community:

—Staying current with travel industry news and resources

—Troubleshooting monthly/weekly/daily

—Peer accountability/encouragement

—Revitalizing marketing strategies and thinking “outside the box”

—Building client-base/developing leads

—Creating structure to set/achieve goals

Social media groups can be the easiest way for travel agents to come together online. There are several Facebook groups where agents can find tips, support and ideas.

Host Agency Reviews has its Travel Agent Think Tank. There is also the closed Facebook Group “Travel Agents Helping Travel Agents,” and younger agents will want to check out Millennials in Travel.

Several host agencies and consortia also offer online groups, including Uniglobe Travel Center, Travel, Travel Quest, Bridges & Holmes, Nexion, Signature and Travel Leaders.

When social distancing rules are relaxed, travel agents may want to seek out more face to face opportunities with co-working spaces or local networking groups. Until then, though, building an online community can provide a connection to the outside world.

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