Travel expert explains which drink to always ‘avoid’ on a plane

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Travel expert and founder of AirAdvisor, Anton Radchenko, told there’s one drink he’d always avoid on a flight. The frequent flyer said travellers could run a few risks if they drink it.

Anton said: “There are so many dos and don’ts when flying. But if I had to pick just one, it would be to avoid drinking plane water whether it’s in hot or cold drinks.”

Passengers might be served water on its own or drink it as part of a hot beverage such as tea or coffee.

Anton warned: “Inflight tap water systems are rarely cleaned. So, when you ask for a glass of tap water, hot chocolate or a cuppa, you’re potentially drinking from dirty pipes.”

On some planes, the inflight water system might not be regularly cleaned so passengers could be risking dirty pipes if they drink it.

Anton said he would always bring bottled water on a flight as “you know where the water has come from.”

The frequent flyer said: “While planes do carry drinking water, it can be sourced from any pickup points on that plane’s route and can be stored for long periods which inevitably means that the water quality is reduced.”

He warned: “Drinking bottled water reduces the risk of contamination. Airlines are required to adhere to stringent regulations regarding water quality and run water tests regularly. But serious contamination can take place.”

Many airports now have water fountains for passengers to use so tourists can bring their own reusable bottles from home.

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This helps to protect the environment and also means passengers don’t have to pay for expensive bottled water.

Although tourists will soon be able to take liquids over 100ml through airport security, they can fill a reusable bottle after they’ve passed the checks.

Anton added: “Of course, if you drink contaminated water on a plane, there’s a good chance that you may become unwell.

“Especially if you already have an underlying health condition or weakened immune system and no one wants to spend their holiday, or return home with ‘traveller’s tummy’.”

However, passengers should make sure to drink plenty of fluids when they fly as it’s easy to become dehydrated.

Anton said: “Dehydration is dangerous. Flying increases the risk of dehydration. So it’s important to keep up your water intake.

“But drinking poor quality water can be worse than not drinking enough. Bringing bottled water is always safer.”

He added: “Remember, alcohol is not a good substitution. It may feel good in the moment, but it will really dehydrate you which is bad for your health and bad for your holiday!”

Drinking alcohol could quickly dehydrate passengers if they’re on a long-haul flight. It could also cause issues for other passengers.

Drunk passengers could be refused boarding and in extreme cases, planes have even had to make emergency landings to disembark rowdy tourists.

Loud or disruptive passengers can make a flight unpleasant for the other tourists and could see people fined or banned from the airport.

Alcohol could also give tourists a headache or nausea which might ruin the start of their holiday.

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