Travel expert finds best Ryanair cabin bag that’s £5 cheaper than ‘viral bag’

A money-savvy travel influencer has found a better, and cheaper cabin bag that beats the "viral bag" from Amazon.

Chelsea Dickenson, who shares all things about travel, tried and tested different luggage bags that fit perfectly under Ryanair's strict rules for hand-carry bags.

Amazon's Narwey 20-litre duffle bag is lightweight, and fits perfectly in the budget airline's luggage sizer. Best of all? It only costs £11.99 – what a steal.

But the self-called cheap travel expert said there is an even better option — and that's Decathlon's Kipsta sports bag.

Labelled as a sport kit bag, the £6.99 foldable holdall fits perfectly under Ryanair's bag dimension at 40x20x25 cm, so you don't have to worry about paying extra for luggage.

The capacity is 20 litres, which is the same as the viral Narwey bag, and comes with a small compartment on the side.

To fit enough clothes for a long weekend, holidaymakers put the outfits in a vacuum bag and seal it tight to create more space in the luggage.

The Kipsta bag won Chelsea's seal of approval.

She gave her verdict in a video: "I would say that the material is not brilliant but it is better than the other one. The handles aren't reinforced, it does have a longer strap on it.

"It's much better than holding it at least.

"The other amazing thing about this bag is it comes with a two-year warranty, even if it was the same price as that viral Ryanair small cabin bag.

"I would say this is better and yet it's cheaper."

The Kipsta kit bag comes in three colours and you can get yours here.

If you want a carry-on bag with cushion shoulder pad and thicker handles, Tanness from Amazon's Choice could be a great fit.

Kono's carry-on backpack is best for people who don't want to lift the luggage.

Ryanair says that all passengers are entitled to bring one small personal bag on board for free, though it must fit under the seat in front of you and mustn’t exceed those measurements.

Passengers who want to bring a second larger bag on board must pay for the 10kg (22lbs) check-in bag allowance, which costs £45.99 when purchased last-minute at the boarding gate.

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