Travel expert reveals how you can fly in a premium class for ‘a quarter of the price’

Holiday season is right around the corner and many Britons are kick-starting their year by booking a summer vacation. While the idea of kicking back and relaxing in business class is a nice thought, the reality can be a costly burden.


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However, one travel expert has revealed his top tip for flying in a premium class for as much as a “quarter of the price.”

Nicky Kelvin, Director of Content at The Points Guy UK, spoke to and explained that flexibility is key.

Nicky explained that by considering indirect flight paths, not only can travellers find the best deals, they may also find themselves getting an upgrade for at a reduced price.

“Weigh up whether a cash ticket or using your miles and points makes sense, but for cash tickets, Google flights is my go-to and I always look at different departure points around Europe for long haul flights to try and nab cheap flights, especially in premium classes,” he said.

“For example, if I want to fly to Bangkok, I will try departing from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

“I sometimes find business class flights for a quarter of the price that you might see the equivalent flights with a London departure point.

“You just need to get to the relevant city (and maybe add in an extra weekend break!) ahead of starting your long haul trip.”

While it may add on an additional day or two to the trip, the savings and the elevated flight experience could be worth it.

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However, Nicky also has some other ways to save on the cost of flights.

For him, booking in advance is key for sourcing the best savings.

Furthermore, there is one day of the week that Nicky cites as boasting the best savings.

Nicky revealed: “The best day of the week to book a long-haul flight at the cheapest price is often a Saturday night – it’s always worth checking the ticket and seeing how much money you’ll save.”


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Of course, to ensure you get maximum savings, its best to have a plan.

Nicky continues: “This varies depending on where you’re flying to but my golden rule is to plan ahead.

“The Points Guy is always looking for deals but these are far more spontaneous, so don’t always allow you to plan ahead.”

Indeed, many airlines are already boasting impressive flight deals, with Ryanair selling seats for as little as £4.99.

Meanwhile, easyJet unveiled 20 percent off thousands of seats for passengers who book before January 20.

However, budget airlines tend to work on a supply and demand basis, which means the popular flights will gradually increase in price as more tickets are booked.

Customers should act fast and book as soon as they spot these deals – but that can make planning ahead difficult.

Nicky adds: “It’s often random when the cheapest tickets pop up.

“It’s important to be flexible as well as planning ahead to be able to take advantage of the best deals as they appear.”

BUSINESS CLASS travel is widely recognised as more luxurious than economy, however, with an often eye-watering price tag, it can be out of reach for many travellers. Luckily, one travel expert has a secret that could see you bagging a premium seat for less.

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