Travel expert say you should always try and book flights on Tuesdays

When looking to book your holiday it’s important to remember that certain days and times have benefits you may not have noticed.

Some times of day mean you’ll get a far cheaper deal on your flights, while travelling on specific days can also mean you won't have to face huge queues at security or even just to get into the airport.

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Now, one travel insider has revealed the secrets to a stress-free journey including the best time and day to fly.

Martin Jones, CEO and travel expert at Airport Parking Reservations, explained that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to go on holiday.

He said: “Airfare prices can vary from one day to the next. However, airlines are relatively predictable when it comes to price fluctuations.

“As a standard rule, the cheapest days of the week to fly are those that are classed as ‘off-peak’ – Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is important to note though, that the greater the demand for a particular flight, the more likely it is that these tickets will be higher in price.

“Therefore, try to avoid traveling on the busiest days of the year, for example, the first day of the school holidays.”

Meanwhile, he added that the same days are best for avoiding stressful crowns, long lines and airport chaos.

Martin explained: “For those looking for a quieter flight, it is recommended that you travel on ‘off-peak’ days, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“These days are typically less busy for travel; business travellers usually fly at the start and/or end of the week, whilst those traveling for leisure often wait until the weekend.

“As a result of the reduced demand for flying on these days, airfares prices are respectively lower – so it is a win, win situation.”

And, if you’re looking to avoid cancellations and delays Martin recommends you avoid the busiest days.

The Airport Parking Reservations CEO noted: “Over the last few years, flight cancelations have become increasingly frustrating, and seemingly unavoidable.

“Although any flight is technically liable for cancelation, recent trends have shown that flight cancelations typically coincide with how populated an airport is.

“Therefore, it could be worth considering travel on ‘‘off-peak’ days (Tuesday & Wednesday). You may also want to consider flying at quieter times of the day, particularly during the early hours of the morning to avoid rush hour”.


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