Travel expert warns you should ‘read the room’ when you first board a plane

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    A travel expert has explained that there are four main rules passengers should abide by when travelling on holiday by plane for fear of upsetting everyone else in the cabin. She claims that avoiding certain actions will make sure everything runs smoothly – but are you committing the ultimate plane faux pas?

    Jess Bohorquez, a TikToker from Chicago, shares travel advice and tips on her social media account, @pointsbyj, and has said that there are four things you should "absolutely never do" from baring your feet to saying certain things to your fellow passengers.

    Now, we all know the obvious rules when on a plane – don’t smoke, don’t get drunk (both are illegal) and don’t be rude or swear at other people. However, Jess says there are more social etiquette rules we should all be obeying, but often aren’t.

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    "If you're just new to flying or just need a refresher, here's my take of four things that you should absolutely never do on an airplane," Jess said before launching into the many no-nos you should not be doing while at 35,000ft.

    Jess continued: "Number one: Boarding an airplane is a team sport and our goal is to leave on time, so it should not take you really more than four seconds to put your stuff in the overhead bin and take your seat – or ask someone for some help if you can’t do it yourself.

    "Two: if you have the distinct luxury of having a window or an aisle seat do not take over both arm rests. Let that poor person in the middle have one thing, which is both armrests."

    Basically, make sure there is space for others. Whether that’s quickly and efficiently lodging your suitcase into the overhead locker (or your handbag or backpack under the seat in front) or ensuring your fellow flyers have somewhere to put their arms – flight attendants have also said that the middle seat gets the arm rest and it’s best to keep them on your side.

    Jess continued: "Three: do not ask your neighbour more than two questions in a row because we are always reading the room on an airplane and we do not want to annoy our fellow passengers. If they wanna continue talking to you, they'll ask you a question."

    This is an important one, while it’s fine to say hello to the person you’ll be sitting with for many hours or even ask them whether you can get in or out, what film they’re watching because it looks enjoyable or where they’re going make sure you know how to take a hint. While you might be a Chatty Cathy they might prefer to be left well alone.

    So pay attention to the obvious signs someone doesn’t want to get to know you – short or one word answers, big sighs and avoiding eye contact. Stick to a maximum of two questions like Jess says and everyone gets to have a peaceful flight.

    Finally, Jess added: "Last one should go without saying, but please keep your socks on at all times." This is one of the most common bug bears of flight attendants and passengers alike – taking your socks off (unless for a medical need) is just plain rude.

    Firstly, nobody wants to smell anyones bare, sweaty feet or see your toes as you rest them on the arm rest. Some people are so foot-phobic they might even take revenge on your tootsies that it’s best to avoid. Plus, if you’re walking around the plane without shoes it’s simply unhygienic.

    Flight attendants have warned passengers before that the water on the toilet floor isn’t spilled from the sink – it’s actually urine. You don’t want to be stepping in your fellow passengers’ pee the whole journey so maybe keep your shoes on or try out a pair of plane slippers instead.

    • More information is available on PointsByJ's Instagram, TikTok, and website.

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