Travel guru says passengers should pick the ‘worst seat’ on plane

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Travel and holiday expert John Burfitt shared his best flying tips and revealed that passengers should always choose the “worst” seat on the plane if they want to get some sleep. Many people consider the last row of the aircraft the “worst seat” as it is by the toilets, but according to John, it can also be the best spot. 

Some flight attendants say that the window seat at the back of the aircraft is the least desirable seat because other passengers often stand and queue there to go to the loos.

However, according to John, this can also be the most relaxing place to sit, and it is his personal favourite.

After spending an entire flight being kicked in the back, the travel guru realised that having a wall behind was the best option for those who want a quiet and relaxing journey.

John decided that the best seat for him was in the last row as travellers don’t have any passengers behind them.

The travel expert explained: “In that instant, I decided the back row would be the only place I would sit on a long flight from now on.

“Sure enough, on my next flight, I booked into the back row of the cabin and, even better, my seat was the one right next to the window.

“As I nestled into that corner, I discovered what true airline love is about. I had just found the best seat on the plane,” he told

Other positives of sitting in the last row by the toilets include never getting hit by the food and drinks trolley.

Besides, travellers will never be disrupted by passengers behind them stretching their legs down the aisle.

According to sleep expert and CEO at MattressNextDay Martin Seeley, however, the “prime seat” on the plane is not at the front of the aircraft or at the back, but in the middle of the cabin.

He explained why: “Firstly, you should avoid the toilets as that’s where people tend to chat. Instead, you should pick a seat in the same row as the wing.

“Not only is this likely to be the quietest area but as the wing is usually where the emergency exit is based, you’ll have more legroom.”

Pilot Patrick Smith explained on the Ask the Pilot blog that “the smoothest place to sit is over the wings, nearest to the plane’s centres of lift and gravity”.

The rows at the back of the plane are where travellers will experience turbulence the most as the further away they sit from the wings, the more noticeable turbulence will be.

When sitting by the emergency exits, however, passengers are not allowed to place any loose items, including jackets or bags, under the seat in front of them, which can be an inconvenience for many.

Pilot Christine Cancar also shared her opinion and explained that the passengers sitting by the windows are at higher risk as “aircraft windows don’t filter the sun’s damaging UV rays”.

The commercial pilot recommended travellers avoid sitting by the windows for this reason, especially elderly passengers.

She said: “I use sunscreen to protect my skin. Even when I am not in direct sunlight, I am still exposed to these harmful UV rays.”

Therefore, senior passengers should avoid the window seat if they want to protect their skin and overall health.

The pilot also suggested applying aloe vera before a flight: “In addition to moisturizer, I keep a tiny pot of aloe vera or sudocrem to tackle blemishes and spots that appear as well as to soothe dry, itchy skin.”

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