Travel pro’s hack lets you charge phone on holiday even if you forget adaptor

There’s always one thing that we forget when packing for a holiday.

Whether you’re guilty of leaving your suncream at home or forgetting to pack your underpants, there’s always something that gets left out of our bags.

Usually the items are easily, and cheaply replaced, but there’s one vital piece of travel kit you can’t do without.

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It’s also one of the most forgotten things when packing…

If you leave your travel adaptor at home you’re not able to charge any of your electronics from your phone to your Kindle.

Without your electronics you can’t access any tickets, passes, hotel bookings or transfers!

While it’s pretty easy to find a new adaptor in shops they can cost a whopping £20 or more in some places.

So, what do you do if you’ve forgotten your adaptor at home?

Well, a travel expert revealed his top tip for charging your phone.

Mark Saltzman revealed to USA Today: "If you left home without your smartphone plug but you still have the cable, plug it into the hotel room’s television and it will charge up your device.

"There should be a powered USB port on the side or back."

Here at the Daily Star we've also had some luck asking at hotel desks or Airbnb hosts for a space universal adaptor – it's not guaranteed but many often have a few available in drawers to borrow.

To make sure you can access bookings and passes, he also recommends taking screenshots in case you can’t get any Wi-Fi in the airport.

He noted: "Take a screengrab of your boarding pass on your phone to create an offline version, in case the internet connection isn’t good at the airport you won’t hold everyone up behind you."

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Plus, you can print off your plane tickets and transfer passes ahead of leaving home to make double sure you don’t miss out!

Many airports now offer charging points for electronics either for free or cheaply.

One of our favourite travel must haves is a portable charger – that way you can always give your phone or tablet some juice while on the go.


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