Tube route planner: How to plan the best route around London as strikes hit

For the second time this month, commuters in London are being told to expect major delays on their journeys as strike action takes place. Transport for London (TfL) warned Tube users to “avoid travel if possible” and consider alternative means of transport.

Which lines are affected by the Tube strike?

Most TfL and national rail services will be severely disrupted or not running at all.

This includes the Tube, the Overground, the Elizabeth Line and London Trams.

Anyone who has to travel is being advised to finish their Tube or rail journey by 6pm this evening.

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The national railways are under severe pressure today and are widely expected to experience disruption.

Several services are still running but these may be delayed or cancelled entirely as workers down tools.

Rail union RMT announced the strike earlier this month after a dispute over pay negotiations.

Anyone who needs to travel is being advised to consider alternative routes and to be aware that public transport and motorways will be busier than usual today.

How to plan the best route around London

Anyone travelling around the city can use the Transport for London website to plan a journey.

This has up-to-date information about Tube delays and suggests a variety of methods to reach your destination.

While the Underground is impacted by strike action, many travellers will be taking buses instead.

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Anyone planning to use a bus should plan their journey in advance and give themselves plenty of time for the trip.

The TfL journey planner also suggests routes for getting around the capital by foot or by bike for those able to.

This can be a great way to save money and get some more exercise, especially if it is only a short distance.

The route planner shows any traffic delays and predicts how long it will take for you to make the journey.

On Wednesday, June 22, commuters are being warned to try to avoid using the Tube before mid-morning.

Buses are also expected to be much busier than usual on Wednesday morning.

Transport for London said: “Check before you travel and plan ahead using our travel tools.”

Strikes on the national railways are set to continue for a further two days this week.

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