Two Lucky Gamers Can Spend All Night Playing PlayStation 5 at This Elevated 7-Eleven on Airbnb

7-Eleven Airbnb Experience, Video games overnight

The Sony PS5 is the must-have console of the year –– and now there's a way to play all night long for some lucky gamers in Texas.

On Monday, 7-Eleven announced that the brand is teaming up with Sony PlayStation 5 and Airbnb to offer a one-of-a-kind, overnight gaming experience. Two gamers who live in Dallas county will have the opportunity to have overnight access to a new 7-Eleven Evolution store before it opens to the public, where they can munch on tons of snacks while playing on a Sony PS5 console.

7-Eleven Airbnb Experience, Video games overnight
7-Eleven Airbnb Experience, Video games overnight

The new 7-Eleven Evolution stores are not like your typical convenience store. They're more like small cafe-convenience store hybrids that offer lots of exclusive products like quick-serve hot food. 

The new store will be available for two separate nights on Airbnb starting on Feb. 1. Two lucky gamers will be able to book the store online for one night each and bring a friend to enjoy the experience with them for only $11.

In the store, guests will be able to play the PS5 on a big screen TV, as well as fuel their gaming with 7-Eleven snacks from MTN Dew, Doritos, Slurpee, and RedBull, as well as meals provided by Laredo Taco Company. In addition, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will be hosting the night, virtually, and guests will be able to access an exclusive one-hour Twitch streaming session with popular gamer FaZe Temperrr.

"Everyone knows that the PlayStation 5 console launch has been one of the biggest headlines in the gaming world the past few months," said 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Marissa Jarratt, in a statement. "The ultimate gamers' console warranted an experience just as exclusive in our newest 7-Eleven Evolution Store — our ultimate retail environment. We can't wait to immerse a few gamers in the limitless world of 7-Eleven."

Naturally, since the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, proper sanitation and hygiene protocols will be in place to ensure guests have a safe and happy experience. This is also why guests must live in Dallas county, to cut down on risk of exposure while traveling.

The 7-Eleven will be bookable for one-night stays on Friday, Feb. 26, or Sunday, Feb. 28. Only one guest may book on each of these nights.

For more information, visit the 7-Eleven listing on Airbnb.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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