UK holiday: The sunniest spots for an August staycation – and where you can avoid the rain

BBC Weather: Temperature red warnings grip Europe as heat spike reaches near 50C

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A heatwave has been predicted across England next week, and Britons looking to make the most of the weather may want to head out on a bit of a holiday. But where should Britons go on a sunny, dry staycation this August?

The Uswitch Sunny Staycations campaign crunched all the Met Office data from the last 50 years and has released its results.

For a dry, sunny August, holidaymakers should head to Gloucestershire.

With an average of 21.5 °C and an average rainfall of 63.50mm – way below the average, Gloucester seems to be a safe bet for a sunny holiday.

If holidaymakers needed any more reasons to head to the area, the Cotswolds are just around the corner and the Forest of Dean is also an option from the city.

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Coming close in second place for a sunny August, East Sussex is forecast at 21 °C and 51mm of rain.

Heading to Eastbourne and laying on the beach could be the perfect August staycation Britons need.

West Yorkshire comes in third place, with a predicted 19 °C and 71mm of rain.

The Wakefield District or the market towns of Huddersfield could make for a great August bank holiday weekend in the sun.

Britons looking at Scotland for a break should consider Loch Lomond.

The area around the Scottish loch will see an average of 19 °C and 89mm of rain.

A visit to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park could be the perfect opportunity for Britons in need of a late summer outdoors adventure to go out in nature and explore.

Rounding off the best staycation locations for a sunny August, Whitby is usually 19 degrees and sees 57mm of rain.

A beach holiday in the seaside town could be a great to end the summer holidays on a high note.

The weather this summer has been a bit unpredictable, with a July heatwave followed by storms.

This year, the weather was even more of an issue as Britons could not escape the rain and head overseas.

With international travel still a bit rocky and borders only partially reopened, staying put in the UK makes holiday sense.

However, it does mean holidaymakers have had to contend with less-than-perfect weather on their UK trips.

But August is looking up.

With a heatwave on the way and plenty of sunny spots to head to, Britons should be able to finish off summer with a bit of Vitamin D.
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