UK’s ‘safest’ towns and cities to live and work in – MAPPED

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When it comes to deciding where to live, one important factor is how safe it is to both live and work in a certain town or city. According to new data, there are some places in the UK that promise better opportunities for “safety and wellbeing”.

The experts from Phoenix Health and Safety used official national statistics to score 41 localities across the country based on five key factors, including safe working environments, crime rates associated with the work place, death rates while at work and mental health factors.

According to the data, three cities came out on top as a result of this data.

Swindon, London and Luton all achieved the lowest score, marking them as the “safest” towns and cities to live and work in.

Swindon was highlighted for its “low crime rates”, with the experts concluding the town has the “third-lowest crime rate in England”.

Luton, on the other hand, set a standard for “zero workplace injuries per capita of 1,000”.

While London may have ranked more highly for its crime rates, the urban sprawl has a very low rate of sickness by comparison with other places around the country.

However, the experts did note that such results could be based on the type of jobs common to each of the cities.

The report explained: “Swindon and Luton are both areas that have moved towards service and retail-based economies, away from the riskier industries of construction and manufacturing.

“London is known as the economic heart of the UK for a good reason.

“While it has a wide variety of industries, many international headquarters are located here, resulting in a glut of blue-collar jobs for the people working and living in the capital.”

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Reading and Slough came in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Reading, in particular, was hailed due to employers’ dedication to its workers “physical and mental safety”.

Digging deeper into the detail, the experts also found that Slough scores a perfect zero points for deaths in the workplace – the only city in the report that had nothing to declare in this area.

York, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and Southampton completed the top 10 ranking.

Phoenix Health and Safety noted that York boasted good mental health rates and low crime at work levels, helping it to earn a spot in the top 10.

However, its “higher-than-average sickness rate” brought the score down somewhat.

CEO of Phoenix Health and Safety Nick Higginson said: “More recently we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our stress management and wellbeing courses since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It is now more important than ever that you ensure employees feel safe, valued and able to talk about their mental health and wellbeing whilst at work.”

The top 10 list of “safest” towns and cities to live and work in according to the data are:

1. Swindon

2. Luton

3. London

4. Reading

5. Slough

6. York

7. Peterborough

8. Milton Keynes

9. Portsmouth

10. Southampton

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