Universal Orlando employee calms child with autism by lying on the floor with him

Lenore Koppelman took her autistic son Ralph to Universal Orlando Resort for the first time − and experienced something she’ll never forget: overwhelming kindness from park employees.

As she wrote in a May 29 Facebook post that has been shared 40,000 times, Ralph was very excited to go on the Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure. He waited and waited and waited, and “the anticipation was driving him wild!” 

When they finally got to the ride, Ralph received some bad news. “When it was almost our turn to board, and he could see the end in sight, the vehicles right in front of us, we got the news that the ride had broken down,” Koppelman wrote. “Everyone was very nicely asked to exit. And Ralph, understandably, lost it. (Wouldn’t you?). My husband and I know the signs. We could see it coming, like an oncoming train.”

Ralph proceeded to collapse “onto the floor while crowds of people were attempting to exit the ride and the gift shop attached to it. He began sobbing, screaming, rocking, hyperventilating, and truly struggling to breathe.”

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