‘Utterly ridiculous’ Tourists slam random opening times for Windsor Castle

A visitor to Windsor Castle was disappointed to find it closed during the week – in the middle of the Summer holidays!

@lady_britts, writing on Tripadvisor said: “Check that it’s open before you go!” the headline read.

“Having set out for a lovely day in Windsor with a tour around the castle, it didn’t occur to us to check that the castle would be open on a weekday in the height of summer.

We arrived on a Tuesday and it was closed. How utterly ridiculous!”

The Royal Collection Trust website does state that the castle is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, although it also says it’s open ‘all year round’.

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Despite thousands of visitors who want to see where Queen Elizabeth spent most of her time during her last years and also her resting place, you will have to plan ahead.

Lady_Britts wasn’t the only disappointed visitor.

It appears that due to the volume of visitors, particularly since Her Majesty’s death, the Palace has turned into a bit of an over-crowded theme park.

Another visitor, from Northampton wrote they felt rushed: “It’s worth a visit but disappointed with the lack of time to pay respects to the Queen, didn’t even have time to read what it said before being hurried away, I understand you cannot stay long but not even a few seconds allowed”.

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Another visitor keen to pay their respects had a similar experience. They wrote: “Castle is stunning but visit spoiled by some rude, overbearing staff.

“Wanting to pay our respects, we didn’t even have time to read the inscription on the Queen’s grave before being rather aggressively told to move on by an overbearing guide.”

She did add: “The changing of the guard was a spectacle worth seeing but once again castle staff was barking orders to visitors.”

Jane P, wrote that she wouldn’t recommend a visit. “I didn’t get much out of the visit,” she said.

“Overpriced just to be pushed along by crowds of other visitors and staff. Staff can come across rude and you don’t feel you can stop to look at anything before being ushered on.”

There were plenty more favourable reviews. One wrote: “Beautiful place to visit we will recommend that to everyone who wants to visit a historical place with their loved ones”.

While another commented: “The state rooms inside the castle are incredible.”

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