WATCH: Shocking moment woman starts to strip at airport baggage claim in viral video

Flights can be both frustrating and boring for many plane passengers. However, fliers at Miami International Airport in the USA this week were treated to a very surprising sight indeed. A woman was spotted stripping naked as she strode through baggage claim.


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The shocking incident was caught on camera and the video is rapidly going viral.

It was shared to Twitter by filmmaker Billy Corben.

Footage shows the woman already in a state of undress as she makes her way through the airport.

She looks to be a wearing a matching set of dark blue underwear or possibly a bikini.

As the semi-clad woman marches confidently past the camera she starts to take her bra off.

She can be seen pulling down the straps as she strides off down the hall.

She then appears to wiggle the item of clothing down to her thighs, as the cameraman zooms in on the alarming spectacle.

The bra is then thrown to the floor before she proceeds to undress completely as concerned staff look on.

Corben captioned the bizarre video with the hashtag “#BecauseMiami.”

A second video from Miami Airport showed the totally naked woman sitting on top of a police car.

“Another angle of the woman who stripped naked in @iflymia and then climbed on top of a police car #BecauseMiami,” wrote Corben.

A third clip captured her leaping off the top of the stationary car with alacrity.


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She then dashes across the road through traffic to another police officer who is standing next to his parked car.

After the woman was seen behaving “erratically” she was taken into custody for an involuntary mental health evaluation under the Florida Baker Act statute, the Miami-Dade Police Department told Fox News.

She is reportedly from outside of the state of Florida, according to CBS Miami.

Law enforcement officials who spoke to her described her as “incoherent” and “delusional.”

Charges against her will not be filed, police said, due to her being taken in for a psychological evaluation, reported Fox News.

In further aviation news, yesterday Alicante airport in Spain had to be evacuated due to a fire.

Flights were severely disrupted by the incident but no one was injured.

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