‘We flew to Dublin for the day for just £36 after seeing scandalous train price’

A couple from Liverpool found themselves embarking on an impromptu trip to Dublin instead of their intended day trip to London. Jill, 51, and Keith McCormack, 57, were appalled by the “ridiculously expensive” train ticket prices from Liverpool to London and decided to opt for a more affordable alternative.

The return train tickets to London, priced at £101 for the two of them with their rail card, were too expensive for the couple. It was then that they stumbled upon a budget-friendly option – return flights to Dublin for just £36 each.

Without a second thought, Jill and Keith booked a 6.30am Ryanair flight from Liverpool Airport to Dublin in April 2023. By 9.30am, they found themselves in the heart of the Irish capital, ready to make the most of their unexpected adventure.

The couple made the most of their limited hours in Dublin. They enjoyed breakfast at a local café, explored the parks, visited an art gallery, and even had time for a visit to the castle. To top it off, they indulged in some drinks and dancing at Temple Bar before heading back to the airport in time for their late-night flight.

Jill, a psychotherapist, expressed her frustration with the exorbitant train prices, stating that it was “scandalous.”

The couple had been taking Fridays off to spend quality time together and explore new places. However, their plans for a day trip to London were quickly dashed when they discovered the astronomical costs involved.

Jill, a psychotherapist, from Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “We wanted to go for London for the day. We’ve got a couple rail card and looked at the price of day trip and it came out at £101 return from Liverpool.

“It was ridiculous. The trains are scandalous. It was a £36 return for Dublin and a half an hour flight. It was a no brainer.”

While in Dublin, Jill and Keith spent around £100 on food and drinks, opting not to “scrimp” on their enjoyment.

Jill said: “We have fun day Friday. We do different things. We do things in Liverpool or go to the beach. Or we’ll go for lunch and have wine.

“We were looking for a weekend away. But London was ridiculously expensive. Dublin flights were cheap. It sounds a bit mad but we went for it.”

The couple left for the airport at 8pm for their 10.30pm flight and Jill was tucked up in bed by midnight with a cup of tea.

She said: “It was long but a great day. We did two days in one day. It was really weird getting on a plane with just a handbag.”

They plan on heading back to Dublin in September after Jill spotted the return flights are £9.99 each. Highlighting the cost of train tickets again, the couple are planning on driving to York rather than taking the train due to the cost.

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