Woman accuses boyfriend ‘crime’ after he rocks up to beach in unusual footwear

A woman has shared her horror after her boyfriend turned up to the beach in an outfit which she called a “crime”.

The Australian TikTok user, Arte Blythe, shared a clip of herself by the coast with her partner – with a shocked look on her face.

Arte, 20, from Perth, pretended to wipe tears from her cheeks as her American boyfriend stood shirtless on the beach while wearing swim shorts and… socks.

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It’s unknown why he chooses to wear socks on the coastline, but perhaps it’s to avoid getting the sand between his toes.

In the clip, Arte commented: “My American boyfriend committed an Australian crime today.”

The young man noted in the comments section that he “doesn’t care what Aussies think”.

And added: “I’ll always wear my socks on the beach.”

Over 210,000 people watched the viral TikTok with hundreds of people arguing in the comments about the bizarre beach habit.

One person wrote: “But who wears socks on a beach? Who?”

“The way my whole body flinched,” gasped another.

While a third laughed: “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

Many noted that they’d never seen anyone in Australia wear socks to the beach – and we have to admit that we’ve never seen it in the UK either.

But, some American TikTok users did say that it’s not uncommon across the pond.

And, they offered theories as to why this was.

One person said: “So you don’t burn your feet on the sand, as that’s the only reason I can think of, as in Queensland my feet were blistered from the sand being hot.”

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Another added: “This is totally fine! Our feet get burnt and it protects them.”

While a third wrote: “Either the sand is too hot or he hates sand between his toes.”

Personally, we think he should look into rock shoes…

What do you think of this habit? Tell us in the comments…


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