Woman brutally slams Amalfi Coast and says you need ‘death wish’ to visit

An Australian woman who recently visited the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, in Italy, has offered up her "honest review" – and it’s not a glowing report. She complained about the prices, transport and the smell of the people.

Isabella Highfield, from Sydney, headed to the famous coastal area in August with her partner. But, she claims he was disappointed by the experience and said it wasn’t for the "faint hearted".

The Amalfi Coast – which features Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi, Positano and a number of other charming towns is famous for its sprawling views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s covered in sheer cliffs, small beaches, pastel coloured villages and plenty of vineyards and lemon groves.

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But, Isabella was unhappy with her experience there as she claims it was "overwhelming". On the plus side, she did say it was "one of the most beautiful places she's ever been to".

Unfortunately, in a video posted to her TikTok account, @Isabella.ellen, she shared the negative experiences that ruined her trip. Her whopping five-minute long video ripped everything from the buses to the people.

She noted that she stayed in Minori – a small town with a wide sandy beach one step over from Amalfi. To get there, Isabela flew into Rome and then got the train to Naples and then a connection to Salerno.

The journey took three and a half hours, but as she missed her train it took Isabella a total of five. Then she took the bus for 10km to Minori.

The holidaymaker complained: "It took over an hour. When I say these buses… I’ve never experienced anything in my life like this before. It’s not an understatement, I’m taking about a one way street that they somehow managed to fit three or four lanes of cars.

"The buses drive at 100km an hour, whirling around corners. If there’s two buses millimetres apart they pass each other like this. It’s wild they just think their horns around the corners for safety."

She added: "I honestly thought I was going to die. Not to mention the other motorists and motorcyclists that swerve in and out and people walking on the side of the road."

Isabella also complained that the buses were long and often late or early. So she took the ferry – but added that they also "don’t run on time and come once every hour."

Plus, she hated that despite there being many boats to different places there was only one like of "hundreds and hundreds of people".

She said: "So when your ferry comes and you’re at the end of the line you gotta push your way through. Why not have six different lines? It’s honestly not that hard. It just seems like chaos all the time."

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It wasn’t just the Italian driving that annoyed Isabella. She said that there were too many people in the area.

The tourist noted: "I thought I knew there was gonna be a lot of people. It’s peak tourist season, but when I say the sheer amount of people, it’s overwhelming."

She noted that she felt sick from the bus she took to the ferry pier, then the smell of the crowd followed by sea sickness from the motion of the vessel.

Isabella moaned: "I haven’t complained enough, I’m just feeling very frustrated and I just want to rant about it. It’s a very expensive place to go." But, the Aussie wasn’t done yet – she also disliked the meals she ate.

Isabella said: "Very average food. Maybe I’m just eating at the wrong places, but it’s so expensive. Like, I’m sorry 36 euros for pasta.

"I didn’t pay that, because I wouldn’t ever pay that, but some places are charging 36euros for a place of pasta. It’s f***ing flour and water."

She rounded her video off by suggesting people visit elsewhere in Italy or splash out on fancier hotels. She noted: "It’s not for the faint hearted and remember to pack deodorant."

In the comments, not everyone was happy with her assessment. One man replied: "The problem is that lot's of people try travelling without information of the place they're visiting."

Another person said: "Epic dramatisation." Some pointed out that the more expensive, high speed train from Rome to Naples was just one hour long."

A woman wrote: "The culture is very different in so many ways. You need to understand and get accustomed until you leave.." But, another poster agreed and said "The bus trip to get there was the scariest thing ever."

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