Woman in hysterics as new passport photo turns pal into ‘Mr Potato Head’

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A woman was in hysterics when her friend revealed her new passport photo, which turned her into "Mr Potato Head".

Stacey said her pal Ashlee submitted a photo to renew her travel document.

But due to an editing error, her profile picture was distorted.

She posted on TikTok, saying: "I've been laughing for the past hour. My friend ordered her passport and they did her so dirty."

Stacey shows the original picture that was taken in front of a white background – and it shows Ashlee wearing a white scoop-neck top with her hair brushed all the way to the back.

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Then she reveals what the picture looks like in the actual passport.

Stacey asked: "Why did they do that to her forehead?"

Her video has raked in 1.5 million views – and many couldn't help but compare Ashlee's new face to characters from popular films.

One wrote: "I'm sorry to say this but she looks like the half twin cousin of the Coneheads."

"The new Megamind," another suggested while a third added: "That's Mr Potato Head there. I've never laughed so hard."

Some said similar blunders happened to them or someone they knew as well.

"It happened to my son – he got his passport messed up too and he had a horse face," a viewer said.

A second said: "Mine came like this too, so disappointing."

One TikToker explained that the edit flaw is down to the photo size, the background colour and the colour of the clothing.

She penned: "I actually used to work as a passport photographer.

"The white definitely messed it up because they scan the photo onto a computer and then it uses the proportions to zoom in on the face!

"The white shirt/white background must have confused the computer and made it hard to find her shoulders, in order to zoom into the photo properly."

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