Woman says scarf trick helps her sleep more comfortably on flights

Sleeping on a plane can be extremely tricky as the small seats are hard to get comfortable on. Of course, if you’re resting on a lie-flat bed in first or business class it’s a different story.

But, most of us can’t afford such luxury and so have to opt for economy plane tickets – and the cramped upright seats that come with going budget. Some people choose to make themselves more comfortable using a neck pillow – which can also sneak extra clothes on board if you’re clever.

Others recline their seats all the way back earning them irritated looks from passengers behind them. But, one woman has shared her clever hack for getting the best sleep on a plane on her TikTok channel.

Deb, from @wandering___around, explained her "long-haul flight hack" which uses just a scarf to improve her journey.

Demonstrating the hack in the video, she said: "Tie a large knot in both ends of a sarong, scarf or light blanket. Opening your tray table, place the knot onto the outside and close."

Essentially, the traveller looped the knots through the gap between the tray and the seat in front.

She draped these over the sides of the tray and shut it close against the seat.

This created a sturdily held hammock made by the scarf and held in place by the knots and the tray system.

Deb added: "Pop your feet up and relax."

The hack creates a homemade foot rest which can be adjusted in height and is softer than the metal ones provided by some airlines.

The TikTok creator added: "This was super comfortable for sleeping and I haven’t been asked to remove it for take off or landing on any flight. I'm 5'6, I just feel more comfortable curled up."

The foot hammock could make sleep easier by providing a sturdy way to keep your legs up and your body supported in a curved position. The video has been viewed a whopping 2.3million times and liked by over 100,000 people.

Responding to comments telling her to "fly business” she added: "Unfortunately a $5 sarong is much more realistic upgrade for me than a first class ticket."

Long haul business class seats can cost thousands of pounds and so aren’t an option for plenty of travellers. Some folks pointed out that the poster wasn’t wearing any shoes – a major faux pas.

But, she responded: "I did put socks on for the flight. I was trying to film quickly before people sat in the seats I was using for filming."

Others praised the hack – Anne said: "The first time I used the foot hammock, I asked the person in front of me if she could feel it. She said no."

One person asked, "How do I get my brain to remember this in the right moment so I won't forget to bring a scarf?" while another described the trick as "genius".

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Some people pointed out that the hammock may pull on the seat in front disturbing the passenger – but one woman commented: "The woman behind me was using a foot hammock and I did not feel it AT ALL."

Some people called the idea "brilliant", and one even went as far as describing it as "the absolute answer to my lifelong need on flight".

Will you give this trick a try next time you fly? Tell us in the comments…


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