Woman shares travel hack to bring liquids over 100ml without packing in luggage

A woman has shared a travel hack that allows her to carry liquids over 100ml while saving up luggage space.

Holly Louise ditched buying expensive travel size toiletries and instead, she went onto the airport website to pre-order the products before check in.

Calling it the "best idea" she has ever heard, she posted on TikTok to show a bag of full-sized toiletries.

"This is your sign to do a Boots order for collection at the airport so you can get over 100ml," she add.

Holly explained that she ordered from Boots at the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport and selected the shop "after security".

Some viewers agreed with Holly and branded it a "genius" idea.

One said: "So you are telling me I didn't have to get everything into those little 100ml bottles?"

A second wrote: "Yeah I bought all my sun creams on the duty free website, it's a lot cheaper and you collect them in duty free once through customs. Pay when collect."

Some pointed out that the trick won't make a difference as there are products over 100ml available to purchase at duty free shops, but Holly replied: "Yeah I know but it's cheaper and obviously a lot more choice online, I also get discounts online."

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Another asked if it could be a problem to bring the products back home after the trip.

"Me and my friends are going to share everything so we will use most of it, and then will have to leave whatever is left, so just don't buy anything too expensive."

Meanwhile, a TikToker has shared a tip she learned from a pilot to help people to get over the fear of flying.

She demonstrated the theory using a cup of jelly and a piece of napkin, and added that "there's never been a plane crash from turbulence".

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