Woman told she’s showing ‘too much’ skin on flight despite wearing two crop tops

A woman has claimed she was asked to cover up, despite wearing two crop tops and trousers before boarding a flight.

Courtney Newbold was dressed in a pair of high-waisted gym leggings and two crop tops when she said the cabin crew told her off.

The passenger revealed how she was told off on two occasions by different members of staff working for Air New Zealand.

Since the incident, the airline issued an apology after Courtney insisted the workers had "no right" to pass judgement on her look.

She said she was approached at the boarding gate by a worker, before being told to cover up again as she reached the stairs.

At the time of the problem, she had been carrying her friend's jacket which she was going to put on once she was on the place.

The flyer was travelling from Auckland to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she explained: "I hadn't got around to putting [the jacket] on yet so it was when we reached the stairs that another worker said 'You're showing too much skin'.

"Most of my clothes were in the stowaway, so I wondered where they expected me to get more clothes from."

She claimed she was "lucky" she had her friend's jacket as she thinks she would have been stopped from getting on the plane.

Courtney pointed out how there were men wearing less than her, as they were rocking T-shirts and shorts.

She added: "I've had major body issues, people have no right to comment."

Air New Zealand has since reached out to Courtney after she made a complaint on the airline's Facebook page.

She revealed how a spokesperson told her that its airline policy didn't include a clothing rule and apologised for the incident.

Courtney was offered 100 Air New Zealand points as a result with the spokesperson claiming the same situation wouldn't happen again.

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Speaking to Stuff, a website in New Zealand, the spokesperson added: "It's always our intention to put customers first and ensure those who travel with us feel welcome and have a comfortable journey, and we apologise that this was not Courtney's experience this time around.

"In this instance, there has been a misunderstanding, but we will be taking this situation as learning and will be re-engaging with our customer-facing teams to ensure that this doesn't happen again."

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