Woman travels 70 countries staying in lush properties while on minimum wage

A travel-lover who makes minimum wage manages to stay in glam flats and houses completely free. Sibu De Benedictis, 33, has visited a whopping 70 countries after finishing high school.

Sibu travels the world, but claims you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so, and we’re dying to know how the glam traveller does it…

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She left her permanent home straight after finishing school and now lives a nomadic lifestyle.

She said: "There's such a misconception travel is unaffordable. "But money-wise, my number one priority is travel as much as I can, even on minimum wage – it's just about being smart with it."

Sibu noted: "Twenty-five dollars can buy you five Starbucks coffees, but it could also buy you drinks at a rotating bar in Baku, Azerbaijan, or a day wandering around Mayan ruins in Mexico.

"There are so many things you can do or get for free too, you just have to do some research and pick your favourite.”

Sibu continued: “All my belongings are in storage apart from the suitcase I have with me, so I can go anywhere I want.

"I've been living off jobs that are minimum wage or less for a good amount of years now – I'm living proof you can make it work on a budget.

"The world would be a better place if we could all travel more."

The young woman does need to fund herself somehow and has worked doing bartending and waitressing in her time.

Now, she’s perfected how to travel far and wide while on the minimum wage.

Sibu noted: "House sitting changed my life.

"Sometimes it involves looking after plants or pets but it allows you to go anywhere.

"Once you've paid the membership, the possibilities are endless."

She also recommends keeping luggage to a minimum and budgeting in detail.

She commented: “You have to account for the little things you buy.

"Do you really want to take a taxi when you could catch public transport?

"Be aware that every dollar you spend could be spent on experiences so you have to spend smart."

Sibu isn't the only person to decide a permanent residence isn't for her.

Ashley McCurdy, 35, packed her entire life into two suitcases and now travels the world staying in Marriott hotels in glam locations like Costa Rica and Thailand.

She claims it's cheaper than renting back home…


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