Woman turns holiday home into ‘liberating’ nudist resort with singles’ weekends

A British woman has converted her holiday home in the Canary Islands, Spain, into a naturist resort where she greets guests in the nude.

Katie Jane, 56, claims the experience is “liberating” but not sexual “on any level”, reports Wales Online.

The property owner first tried out the nudist life after visiting a naturist beach 20 years ago – and she’s loved the lifestyle ever since.

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She and her ex-husband then bought their home to be able to embrace being naked more often.

Katie added: “When my ex-husband and I started coming over here, we realised it’s the normal thing on the beaches to be a naturist.

“We bought it as a holiday home, and then we rented it to families, and it became a holiday destination which I ran.”

Karie’s home – the BHH Naturist Resort in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura – is now a popular hotspot for nudist adults.

The resort even hosts singles' weekends despite many naturist communities denying access to single men.

She explained: “It’s quite a topic of conversation in the naturist groups. I like to talk to people before they come, have a discussion and get to know them before they arrive to make sure we are all like-minded people, which generally is the case.

“A lot of people think it’s sexual, but it’s not on any level. If you were a true naturist, you wouldn’t see it that way at all – it’s just liberating, and that’s it. It’s easy to judge a group of people with no clothes on.

“I get asked if it’s sexual all the time by guests, and I say if it’s a sexual situation you want to be in, then please don’t come to my resort.”

She claims nudist zones remove judgement and creates an environment to feel liberated – some couples have visited BHH more than five times because they liked it so much.

Even the pool boys, cleaners and other staff can take off their kit and work in the nude.

Visitors will be given an apron to use when enjoying the beachside barbecues, but no other clothing is available.

Karie sees nothing embarrassing about being naked and says “we’re all just body parts”.

She added: “There’s nothing like swimming in the ocean without any costume, and it’s very freeing and liberating.

“Nobody else is looking at you. There are all shapes and sizes, all different walks of life. No-one cares about what you’re wearing, what designer labels you do or don’t have.

“There’s nothing to set you apart from the next person, and it makes you realise you’re all the same, and we’re all just body parts.”

Karie has since moved permanently to the sunny island which is known for its naturist beaches.

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Even her family members have stripped off at her holiday resort.

She commented: “My sister and my niece were here a couple of weeks ago.

“They enjoyed the freedom and not being bogged down with clothes.

“My ex-husband was delighted for me when I told him the news, I’m quite introverted, but he’s extremely extroverted because he’s an actor, and he loved naturism.

“He was always prancing around naked."

There are plenty of places to take your kit off in Spain – including the countries longest nudist beach which even has a nudist bar for cocktails.

But, you don't have to get on a plane to Spain to take your clothes off as there are nudist beaches all over the UK.

Plus, in recent years, people have been enjoying naked holidays around the world from festivals to cruises.


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