Woman who won’t fly after filming worker taping up jet told she’s ‘overreacting’

A woman has vowed to boycott an airline after filming a worker taping up a passenger plane before a flight.

But she was quickly educated by those who know more about aviation, with one telling her she was "overreacting".

The woman, from Alabama, goes by @myhoneysmacks on TikTok. She recorded the Spirit Airlines worker taping up the wing of a plane, which was getting ready for takeoff, and added narration.

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Commenting on the silver tape, she said: "I don't even care if it is aviation airplane tape or nothing.

"The fact that you even have to tape the plane together."

She was shocked to see that the plane was undergoing last-minute repairs before taking off, adding: "And you are even doing it while people are on the flight like we can not see you."

She reiterated that she was 'done' flying with Spirit, asserting: "This is the reason right there that I will not fly with Spirit.

"Now Southwest, I can do. But Spirit, no sir."

"You flying all around the world and you got tape holding it together. Don't even worry about it. I won't be booking with you."

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On TikTok, people were quick to reassure her, explaining that it was Speed Tape, which is commonly used by airlines to carry out minor repairs.

One commented: "So many people overreacting.. it’s completely normal."

Another said: "I think that is GORILLA TAPE! You good" and to which one user corrected and said: "It's speed tape"

Someone else elaborated, saying: "This is called Speed Tape used to perform minor repairs on airplanes. Every airline uses it including Southwest."

One mocked the video and said: "He added another layer for extra protection y’all good."

While another said: "Baby I would’ve ran off the plane! and then said: "And got my money back."


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