World’s sexiest countries unveiled – and the UK is very high up in the ranking

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The world’s sexiest countries have been ranked by a lingerie company. Pour Moi “analysed an enormous amount of Google data.” They looked at how many Google searches were made in 2020 for different sex-related topics.

These searches included different sex positions, sex toys, kinks, fetishes and sexy lingerie.

Using the data, Pour Moi were able to identify the sexiest countries on the planet, that is to say, the countries making the most searches for sexy stuff per person.

European countries took up the vast majority of the top 10.

Portugal won the top spot for the sexiest nation.

The country’s residents have made some very risqué searches indeed concerning sex toys and acts.

According to Pour Moi: “The advice they are searching for the most is ‘how to improve sex’ and they are also keen to get better at sexting.”

Portugal was also crowned kinkiest county due to its, erm, diverse internet searches.

Interestingly, what was in second place but the UK.

Britons have likewise been up to some saucy Google research.

What’s more, the UK was revealed to be the country which loves sex toys the most.

It was also identified as the second country in the world which loves sexy lingerie the most after the Netherlands where the locals favour g-strings, suspenders and corsets.

UK neighbour Ireland followed close behind in third place for sexiest country.

Ireland is searching for the same sex positions, sex toys and kinks as the UK, however, they are the country looking for ‘sexy tattoo ideas’ the most.

Fun fact, their favourite item of sexy lingeries is a corset.

Ireland is also the country that searches for online dating apps the most.

Tinder is the most popular there, then Grinder and Bumble.

In fourth place for the sexiest country was Australia – which has similar taste in sex toys to Britons, according to the data.

Then in fifth place was Sweden where some very rather unusual sex positions have been looked up.

Completing the top 10 were the Netherlands, Germany, USA, New Zealand and Demark.

Pour Moi also identified South Korea as the second kinkiest country, with feet proving a popular bedroom search…

Meanwhile, Norway was the fifth kinkiest country and “has a significant number of searches for ‘cuckolding,’” said the lingerie brand.

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