You can book a Harry Potter villa with its own Diagon Alley from £32pp a night

The brand new Hogwarts Legacy game for the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox is out this week.

The role-play game has fans of the J.K Rowling books and films all a twitter over the new storylines and interactive play.

But, for those who are desperate to live inside the world of Harry Potter there’s a villa you can book that will give you an even more real-life experience.

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Instagram poster and “wizarding creator” Sarah, @magic.her.way, shared a video clip of The Wizards World of Champions Gate to her 49,000 followers.

In the clip, she showed the ultimate magical experience – as the villa has its own Diagon Alley, a theatre with a flying car and rooms that look just like the common rooms.

Sarah captioned the video: “When you finally get your Hogwarts letter. The most magical Harry Potter Air BnB! We had the most magical experience staying here with 17 of our Harry Potter friends.”

The Wizards World of Champions Gate is based in Davenport, Florida meaning you can hop in the car and drive the 40 minute journey to Universal Studios Orlando for even more Harry Potter fun.

It’s the ultimate stay for anyone who dreams of heading to Hogwarts.

The eight bedroom villa can accommodate up to 18 guests in rooms that are all Harry Potter themed.

There’s a bed inspired by the Hogwarts Express train in one room while another is based on Dumbledore’s office complete with resident Fawkes the Phoenix.

A third bedroom is based on the Ravenclaw common room with double bunk beds and another is similarly decorated, but in the style of Gryffindor tower.

Hufflepuffs and Slytherins have their own dorm rooms too, bedecked with their house sigil’s and colours.

Plus, here’s a train car which has two twin beds perfect for kids and there’s also a cupboard under the stairs complete with bed and TV.

But, the gorgeous theme doesn’t stop there.

The entire villa is filled with treasures from a vintage sweet trolley in the hall to magical bathrooms with snakes and owls and even a stained glass mermaid – just like in the Prefects' bathroom at Hogwarts which Harry uses in the Goblet of Fire. 

The plush lounge is filled with a fireplace and red, paisley couches, a cage filled with the Monster Book of Monsters and even a Sorting Hat.

You’ll find a full equipped family-sized kitchen and a large wooden dining table with floating candles that hover above your head as you eat – just like you can find in the great Hall.

On top of this there’s a home theatre where stars sparkle in the sky above your head and you can sit back and relax in the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia while you watch.

We haven’t even made it to the best part of the villa yet…

Upstairs in the loft you can enter your very own Diagon Alley through a brick wall – the interactive space is filled with shop fronts like Ollivander’s Wand Shop and Shutterbutton’s Photography.

Enjoy a butter beer at the bar tables and check out all the props and interactive items in the windows.

In addition to Diagon Alley there’s your very own games room designed to look like the Quidditch pitch with TVs, pool tables, foosball and Air Hockey.

Outside there’s a giant chess set so you can play Wizarding Chess like Ron and there’s also a pool and BBQ outside for when the Florida weather gets hot.

The listing on Great Escape Villas states: “The fireplace by the foyer adds the first touch of magic, flowing into the kitchen – also known as The Greatest Hall, with enough wood and stones to make you feel like you’re inside a real castle.

“The long wooden table turns a simple meal into a feast, gathering family and friends for what will be something to remember.

“Chandeliers and lights that resembles flickering candles are just some of the small details that when put together with the other aspects of the decoration make it even more immersive, guests will feel like they have stepped into a time machine and back to the medieval times.

“The second floor will continue to wow guests, starting with the journey upstairs. The staircase turns into a castle-like passage deeper into the wizarding world. The scene is set with magical moving portraits and talking ghosts.

“Once you reach the top, you’ll encounter a wizards alley like no other. A wide range of colors, shapes and sensations will emerge.”

Sarah's Instagram post quickly went viral with people commenting their thoughts on the magical stay.

One person wrote: "Oh my gosh, dreams come true.

"I would want to stay there with just my family of four for at least a week so we could stay in a different room each night!"

Another said the villa looked "amazing".

The Wizards World of Champions Gate can be rented from £578 per night – as it can accommodate 18 guests that’s just £32.11 per person per night; 

Tickets to Universal Studios Orlando cost from £332 per adult and £322 per child for a three park explorer pass;


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