You can now eat dinner 100ft above London (and it tastes better than airline food)

My flight is at 6.30pm, but it’s not the sort where you get a boarding pass or even an assigned seat. And it’s definitely not the type of flight where you land somewhere exotic – unless you count the concretised blocks of London’s Docklands. There is one big difference, though: I’m actually looking forward to eating what I’m given.

London In The Sky, a concept launched this month within the shadow of the O2 arena in London’s North Greenwich, takes customers 100ft skyward for a mile-high dinner. Unlike a regular flight, there’s no squeezing liquids into a sealable bag or grumbling about overhead locker space. Rather, it’s all very civilised.

Fliers instead board a 22-seater “Sky Table”, that instead of aeronautical thrust is rather winched into the air using a heavy-duty crane installed on an unused bit of land next to the dome. (Who said flying wasn’t glamorous?)

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Tickets for London In The Sky start from £89pp. It runs until 15 July.


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