You can rent the Area 55 Futuro pod – an incredible Airbnb shaped like a UFO

Calling all space-lovers and alien hinters, you can now stay in a UFO – and you don’t have to leave the planet to do so.

This unique Airbnb listing is a space-ship inspired home which looks out-of-this-world

Everything from the decorations to the wacky furniture looks like something from a flying saucer and we’d kill to stay here.

The spaceship stay is located in California in the desert just outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

That means there’s plenty of hiking to be enjoyed!

And, the Area 55 Futuro House claims to be a "completely off-grid glamping experience”, reports the Mirror.

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The UFO-like building can accommodate four people in two beds and shows off egg-shaped chairs and porthole-style windows.

It’s like the ship has walked straight out of a sci-fi novel.

The stay includes outdoor showers and a kitchen with a grill, plus a separate loo.

The whole place is eco-friendly, so planet-defending warriors don’t have to worry.

And, there’s a firepit so you can share stories of your alien sightings round the bonfire and stay warm while stargazing.

That makes it perfect for retreating from the world for a little while (not literally).

The impressive building is one of the 'Futuro' houses designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

It’s believed that there are 85 of his creations scattered around the world.

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The pod is off-grid and solar powered, but can charge small devices and it sits in a remote five-acre plot of land.

There is a fence-line you have to respect though.

The Airbnb listing advertised the spaceship from £329 a night – that’s just £82.25 per person including all fees.

Check it out here.

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