You can soon take on a dino-tastic Jurassic World themed escape room

Dino-fanatics are set to experience one of the most exciting releases from Universal Orlando Resort this year.

The theme park’s Great Movie Escape experience is soon to debut featuring two top-notch rooms filled with storytelling and theming.

In classic Universal style you’ll be totally immersed in the action as you attempt to make your way out of the locked rooms.

One room will be themed around the sci-fi flick Back to the Future.

And, the other will be a Jurassic World themed adventure.

Concepted and designed by the same creatives responsible for the wildly immersive haunts of Halloween Horror Nights, Universal’s Great Movie Escape will leave tourists gobsmacked as they try and escape the rooms at the heart of the Universal CityWalk.

Holidaymakers will be over-awed by the interactive state-of-the-art missions, intricately detailed sets and captivating storylines.

To escape you’ll need to solve your way through the puzzles in the multi-sensory experience.

Universal’s Great Movie Escape will open later this year and tickets will go on sale in the months ahead.

Currently, Universal’s Jurassic World – based on the Jurassic Park franchise – is host to the intense VelociCoaster which has two launches and four inversions on its looping track.

Plus, the classic River Adventure sees guests dropped into a pitch black 85-foot plunge.

And, children can seek their thrills on the Pteranodon Flyers which soar through the air.

And, dinosaur figures will make you jump out of your skin as you happen upon them throughout the park.

There’s also the Thunder Falls terrace where you can grab chicken and ribs and a pizza and snack bar.

More information about Universal’s Great Movie Escape will be revealed soon, reports Universal Studios.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates.

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