You can visit a creepy park filled with statues with ‘real human teeth’

Dark tourism has risen in popularity in recent years as more people seek out the morbid, the upsetting and the downright scary on their trips.

Popular destinations include Chernobyl, Pompeii and the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

But, one attraction may have pulled away as the creepiest place to see in Europe.

Made by a Finnish artist, Veijo Rönkkönen, a park in Finland is littered with 450 statues that Veijo created over his lifetime.

Since his death back in 2010, the sculptures have stood in the garden of the house he lived in with his parents.

But, while the concrete human figures are contorted into unusual yoga positions – the Indian exercise was a hobby of Veijo’s – that’s not the weirdest thing about them.

Many of the moss-covered sculptures have eerie, glowing or milky white eyes and the facial expressions of the statues are part of what makes this group of statues so unique

And, a lot of them also have real human teeth embedded in their mouths.

Yes, teeth, from real people.

There are also sound effects that make the park both an exciting and creepy experience for visitors.

Around 25,000 people take the trip to Parikkala Sculpture Park to see the haunting statues each year drawn in by the magical atmosphere of the woods themselves as well as the community of figures.

And, on TripAdvisor many shared their feelings about the disturbing attraction which takes donations rather than an entry fee.

One reviewer, Christoff, said: “Enough to give you nightmares. Real human teeth, cold glassy eyes and half naked statues in every imagenable pose.

“Not for me at all but my friend found it to be entertaining and worth a stop if you’re driving by.”

And, another, Jan, added: “The Parikkala Sculpture Park (Veijo Rönkkönen Sculpture Park) is a true roadside attraction. Interesting, beautiful, quirky, scary and weird.

“Entrance fee 2-5 euros. You can also pay by SMS.”

Nomad Family said: “This place was pretty wild with tons of sculptures of all sorts of people. These sculptures range from creepy to funny, but all are worth a look.

“It is incredible that Veijo Ronkkonen must have spent so much time creating this surreal environment. There is much to see and the walk through the lush area is definitely relaxing.”

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