‘You’ll feel sluggish’ Expert shares drink to avoid on flight

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Long-haul flights can be a nightmare for people who struggle to sleep on a plane. However, there are a few things passengers can do to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Max Stevens, from the Sleep Checklist, shared his tips to fall asleep on a flight for economy passengers.

Avoid alcohol

Max said: “Drinking alcohol will decrease your sleep quality as you spend less time in the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep. This means that even when you wake you will feel tired and sluggish.”

While it might be tempting to order a glass of wine on a flight, it could stop someone from getting to sleep.

Max also advised passengers to avoid sleeping pills as they could put someone into an unnatural sleep.

Wear the right clothing

Max said: “Controlling your temperature while flying is going to allow you to sleep quicker and have better quality sleep.

“On a plane, we never know how hot or cold it is going to be, so being prepared and wearing a few thinner layers of clothing is going to help us get around this problem.”

The ideal temperature to get to sleep is around 18 to 20 degrees but the temperature on a plane can change drastically.

Max added: “There have also been small studies that have shown fewer sleep awakenings when using bed socks. Bed socks are comfier than keeping your shoes on too, so it’s worth trying them.”

Turn off mobile device and don’t watch that inflight movie

Max added: “To get around the problem of blue light on your phone or other devices you can purchase blue light filtering glasses online that block out some of the blue light helping you to nod off quicker.

“If you really do want the best sleep, it would be better not to watch that inflight move or go on your mobile device at all.”

Electronic devices tend to give off blue light emissions which can make it hard to fall asleep after using them.

Long-haul flights can be boring so if passengers do want to watch an inflight movie, they could turn it off around half an hour before they want to sleep.

Forget white noise, use pink noise

Pink noise is similar to white noise but plays at a changing frequency and includes sounds such as waves or strong winds.

Research says that the brain listens to the noise and relaxes which could drown out the sound of crying babies.

Max said: “While the studies on pink noise are small, they do show promising results, in one study listening to pink noise decreased the time it took for people to fall asleep by 38 percent.

“If you have listened to white noise on a plane and it didn’t work for you, try pink noise as it could help you to settle quicker and sleep for more of your flight.”

Use an eye mask

Max said: “If you’re flying at night and want the best sleep, dim all the lights and put on an eye mask.

“This will increase the body’s production of melatonin which will make you groggy and help you fall asleep.”

An eye mask could help if another passenger opens the window shutter and lets a lot of light into the cabin.

Some airlines will offer passengers an eye mask for free on long-haul flights or they can be purchased inexpensively online.

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