Zodiac: Best holiday spot for each star sign – where should you be heading this summer?

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Considering factors such as personality traits, activities and preferred method of travel, the team found the best places around the world for every zodiac sign. Maldives have been revealed as the perfect holiday for Pisceans, who love being near the water and can particularly benefit from the peaceful solitude of an island escape.

The study also unveiled Cancers would spend the “perfect holiday” in Turkey.

Leos, on the other hand, would enjoy Las Vegas and Cancun, in Mexico, was named the best holiday match for Virgos.

Will Collins, from Destination2, explained: “There are so many options when it comes to choosing a holiday these days, it can be difficult knowing where to start.

“If you’re struggling to narrow it down, why not let the stars decide?

“Even if you don’t keep up with your horoscope normally, it’s worth checking which country suits you best.

“Maybe you’ll find a new favourite you hadn’t thought of before…

“It could be written in the stars.”

What are the best destinations for each star sign?

Aries – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Taurus – Dubai

Gemini – Bali

Cancer – Turkey

Leo – Las Vegas, USA

Virgo – Cancun, Mexico

Libra – Italy

Scorpio – New York, USA

Sagittarius – Marrakesh, Morocco

Capricorn – Sri Lanka

Aquarius – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pisces – Maldives

Chiang Mai holidays are perfect for Aries, with inspiring temples and incredible ancient architecture, as well as amazing street markets, perfectly suited for Aries’ foodie nature.

Ashley Cramer, Founder of Lunar Alignment, explained Dubai is the most convenient destination for Taurus: “Taurus, the bull, has two speeds – standing still or charging – and Dubai’s mix of golden beaches and modern city life gives Taurus many options for either mood.

“Whether it’s a day of relaxing in the Middle East sunshine or eating an extravagant meal, Taureans are known for their appreciation of the finer things in life. The luxury and amenities of Dubai’s many lavish five-star resorts will make Tauruses feel perfectly indulged.”

For those born under Gemini, Ashley suggested Bali holidays: “Extroverted Geminis are happiest on holidays that offer opportunities to both learn and socialise.

“Bali has plenty of variety to engage Gemini’s mind – rich natural landscapes and diverse cultural experiences – along with vibrant nightlife to share stories with new friends or dance all night long. This dream destination will give Gemini, the sign of communication, plenty to share on Instagram or to tell friends about when they return home.”

Holidays in Turkey are the one for Cancerians, says Inbaal Honigman , celebrity psychic and astrologer: “For Cancer, family and connections are everything. So, Cancer’s perfect holiday would accommodate young and old, with weather that suits all, and a cuisine for every palate.”

Las Vegas is the best destination for Leos, according to Inbaal: “Leo is the ‘King of the zodiac’, the lion, and Leos love living life on their terms.”

An all-inclusive holiday in Cancun, Mexico, is the best holiday for Virgos, who love a care-free break.

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