ABC-CCRA has its largest hotel program ever

Thanks to several factors, the ABC-CCRA Premier Global Hotel Program is at its most broad in 2021 and stands as “the largest hotel consortia program in the industry,” ABC-CCRA said.

The program has grown over 6% in 2021, with 53,117 hotels compared with 49,949 last year, according to Patti Paton, ABC Global Services’ vice president of marketing. Paton said she was particularly impressed that the program grew to its largest extent during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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For hotel partners, the 2021 program has a marketing database of more than 70,000 corporate and leisure agents around the world. 

“Now, as we stand at the cusp of strong demand recovery around the world, we are ready to fulfill that demand by providing travel professionals with access to the largest and most diverse portfolio that will meet any corporate or leisure client’s needs,” Eric Altschul, CEO of ABC Global Services, said in a statement.

ABC-CCRA said its own history of growth and its value proposition, combined with its large agency network, drove many hotels to work with ABC on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis, while other chains expanded their participation in the program by adding most or all of their properties. 

This year’s program includes properties in 10,000 cities in 185 countries. It also includes, for the first time, vacation rental offerings, with 175,000 homes and villas around the world. All rates offer a guaranteed commission.

ABC Global Services acquired CCRA last year.

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