Airstream’s Latest Design Is an Office on Wheels

Silver Airstream trailer parked in desert

Working remotely doesn't mean having to stay home.

Airstream, Inc., the makers of the iconic "silver bullet" trailers, just announced a brand new floor plan that makes it way easier to hit the open road without having to take time off.

The Flying Cloud 30FB Office layout features a dedicated office space, as well as more connectivity and power, so your "home office" can literally be anywhere. The new layout is a redesign of the brand's popular Flying Cloud 30FB Corner Bunk trailer, and has space for a whole family to enjoy longer excursions or weekend getaways.

2021 Flying Cloud Seattle Mist Airstream interior office space
2021 Flying Cloud Seattle Mist Airstream interior

"The pandemic has permanently changed the traditional work landscape and we're thrilled to offer a travel trailer that meets the needs of our times without compromise," said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President and CEO, in a statement. "Airstream has always provided the freedom of a mobile living, playing, and working space, but the Flying Cloud 30FB Office takes that promise to the next level with flexibility and comfort in a design inspired by real world experience."

The dedicated workspace includes a comfortable office chair that slides into a recessed groove in the edge of the desk so you can easily convert the space into a sleeping or relaxing area for one. Plus, there are lots of sliding drawers and storage cubbies for organization as well as a privacy divider and black out curtain to give you a little privacy for work Zoom calls or just to focus on tasks.

"We know that the work landscape will forever be changed by the pandemic," said Wheeler. "This new offering reflects our commitment to be nimble and react to the needs of current and future customers. We learned a lot not only about the necessity of connectivity and options for increased power, but about the joy of closing your laptop and stepping out onto the trail. They'd found a seamless transition between work and play and travel, and we wanted to find a way to bring the unique freedom of this work from anywhere lifestyle to the community, as well as to new audiences."

2021 Flying Cloud Seattle Mist Airstream interior office space

In addition to some office space, the new design also includes all the amenities you need to travel and live comfortably, including a queen bed and a bench and dinette that can convert into a sleeping area. Plus, the trailer comes with options for power and connectivity, including solar power capabilities, several USB ports, a USB/AC outlet supported by the 1000W power inverter, access to the satellite TV/HDMI outlets from onboard Blu Ray DVD player, and more.

The trailer itself weighs 6,757 pounds and maximum trailer capacity (GVWR) of 8,800 pounds, making it compatible with a variety of SUVs and trucks. Suggested retail price begins at $107,500.

For more information, visit the Airstream website.

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