Avoya says bookings and traveler spend are up

Bookings are up, and travel advisors’ clients are spending more money on trips than they did before the pandemic, according to Avoya Travel’s co-CEO Jeff Anderson.

Anderson spoke Monday during the Fort Lauderdale-based host agency’s virtual conference.

Bookings overall are up: From January to July, Anderson said, bookings are up 78% compared with the same period in 2022.

He broke down client spending into two categories: clients who belong to Avoya’s independent agencies (IAs, Avoya’s preferred term for its independent contractors) and clients that came from leads Avoya then distributed to its IAs.

Year to date, IA clients are spending 24% more per booking than they did in 2019. Avoya clients are spending 34% more per booking than they did in 2019. 

Avoya clients are also spending 62% more per booking than IA clients. Anderson encouraged Avoya affiliates to both take leads from Avoya and cultivate their own books of business, so if one stream of business slows, the other can make up the difference.

With the increase in both bookings and spend, unsurprisingly, commission per booking is also on the rise.

Anderson said IA clients are generating 45% more commission per booking than they did in 2019, while Avoya clients are generating 58% more commission per booking than in 2019. 

It’s evidence, he said, that Avoya’s IAs are selling more luxury products than before.

Going in to 2024, Anderson said Avoya is working on new incentives to help increase client retention and grow repeat business.

The host agency is also working on a new traveler loyalty program, he said.

2024 also marks a milestone year for Avoya Travel: Its 60th anniversary.

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