Beyonce, Queen of the Beyhive, Also Has Real Beehives For the Sweetest Reason

Beyonce taking a selfie with Blue Ivy

When it comes to being the Beyhive leader, Beyonce apparently takes things literally. 

The A-list singer recently gave a wide-ranging interview in British Vogue, where she revealed the most surprising thing about herself is the fact that she actually owns real beehives, too. 

“I know it’s random, but I have two beehives,” she shared. “Real ones. I’ve had them at my house for a while now. I have around 80,000 bees and we make hundreds of jars of honey a year. I started the beehives because my daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties.” 

Beyonce is indeed correct that honey has serious medicinal properties. According to one study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, “the medicinal importance of honey has been documented in the world's oldest medical literatures, and since the ancient times, it has been known to possess antimicrobial property as well as wound-healing activity.”

The study explained, the healing property of honey is “due to the fact that it offers antibacterial activity, maintains a moist wound condition, and its high viscosity helps to provide a protective barrier to prevent infection.” It adds, the antimicrobial activity in most honey is also due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide.

The production of hydrogen peroxide, further studies showed, helps people fight off bacteria including E. coli and salmonella. And, as CNN reported, Manuka Honey, a specific type of honey from New Zealand, has also been shown to fight staph and the digestive bacteria responsible for peptic ulcers. 

Beyond all this honey-sweet good news, the Mayo Clinic adds a little more. According to the clinic, the antioxidants in honey may also be associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, and several studies suggest that honey might also offer antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and anti-anxiety benefits. In some studies, the Mayo Clinic adds, honey has been shown to help prevent memory disorders as well. So go ahead and live like Beyonce by adding a pinch of honey to your breakfast or tea today too. 

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