CTO's Tourism Marketing Conference Scheduled for June 5th in NYC

It’s no secret that today’s travelers are seeking more in-depth and authentic cultural experiences than ever before. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) recognizes that this desire is driving visitors’ vacation plans. It’s one from which the entire region stands to benefit, and the CTO is actively seeking to position the region closer to the forefront of this burgeoning market trend.

In keeping, the overriding message at the CTO’s Tourism Marketing Conference this year will be: “Leveraging the Cultural Excitement of the Caribbean”.

With this notion, the CTO is encouraging and aiding its member countries to create targeted, tourism-specific marketing plans that will showcase the centuries-old history of Caribbean culture, as it has uniquely evolved from a mingling of African, European, and Amer-indian influences. Campaigns would work to highlight the artistic, musical, culinary, literary, social, religious, and political attributes of the area that travelers are eager to explore.

The Conference is scheduled to take place inside of Caribbean Week New York, the largest regional tourism activity in the New York area, on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Wyndham New Yorker. Moderating this year’s conference will be Colin C. James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

CTO anticipates the attendance of tourism officials, industry executives, members of the media, travel agents, consumers, and even students, as they come to surround themselves with fresh ideas and participate in a calendar of activities that showcase the best of Caribbean tourism. The Caribbean Tourism Marketing Conference event itself is open to the public; passes are available for purchase online, ranging from $295-$595, and include breakfast and lunch.

This year’s Conference will feature a line-up of some of the most innovative minds in the tourism marketing sector, who will address ways of amplifying the Caribbean’s appeal as a destination, and thereby increase its overall revenue and market share.

Set to deliver the keynote address, entitled “Culture, Tourism and Investment” is John Peters, founder of Mind Mashery. His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with:

— Jason Fitzroy Jeffers (Co-executive Director of CaFA/Third Horizon Media will be speaking about “The Magic of Film around the Caribbean”

— Maria Atanasov (Brand Director of MSC Cruises) will discuss the topic “Cultural Heritage and its Impact on Tourism Dollars”

— Russell Zingale (President, Eastern Region, USIM) and Eran Goren (President, Digital Media/Executive Vice President Communications, USIM) will address the subject of “The Programmatic and Retargeting Brief”

On a broader scale, the Caribbean Week NYC 2019 event will feature demonstrations by celebrity chefs, a Caribbean fashion show, Caribbean folk festival, brunches, luncheons, a mixology “battle”, various tourism awards, a Caribbean Heritage Cultural Gala, and more.

For more information, visit www.caribbeanweek.com.

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