Hickory offers support services to agencies needing advisors

Hickory Global Partners has launched a new travel staffing solution, Hickory Solutions365. 

The new solution “solves the most critical challenge in the travel marketplace — staffing shortages coupled with the scarcity, and rising cost of, skilled personnel,” Hickory said.

Hickory Solutions365 will offer two levels of service: Hickory Select and Hickory Ambassador, the latter of which is a personalized service. It offers clients services like live advisor chat, back-office support, its client fulfillment center staffed by experienced advisors and operational staff to support travelers whenever needed, and group and meeting ticketing.

It also offers support for leisure itineraries.

Hickory said the cost is “below what most agencies can find through their own searches.” The solution is available for both members and non-members of Hickory Global Partners.

“This new business model will provide essential support services to clients of the travel agency community by providing an outstanding customer experience with state-of-the-art technologies,” Hickory Global Partners president and managing partner Chris Dane said.

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