Lyft’s New Membership Program Has One Perk Frequent Fliers Will Love

Lyft introduced its new subscription service on Tuesday — with one huge perk for frequent travelers.

Riders who participate in their Lyft Pink service will get 15 percent off on all of their rides when they order, but it will also get priority pick-up at the airport. Read: no more long waits outside the terminal, battling all the other passengers refreshing their apps and hoping for a quicker ride.

The membership will cost $19.99 per month and will also include free bike and scooter rides, “relaxed” cancellation policies (as opposed to a charge every time) and surprise perks, like free ride upgrades and special pricing on select days. Members will also get access to partnership discounts, like car rentals.

The Points Guy calculated that users will need to spend about $135 per month on Lyft rides for the monthly membership fee to be worth it. To sign up for early access to Lyft Pink, add your email address to the waiting list. 

As Lyft introduces its new program, — that is expected to be nationwide by the end of 2019 — it's phasing out the Lyft All-Access Plan, which cost $300 per month for up to 30 rides.

Lyft's latest riding option is in direct competition with Uber Ride Pass, which is available in select cities. However, that program costs $25 per month (depending on city) and mainly just allows members to avoid surge pricing. Uber also has a loyalty program, wherein users ascend through four different tiers based on how much they spend with the company.

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