Matthew McConaughey Spent Two Weeks on This Greek Island and Loved It so Much He Decided to Stay One More

If you’re looking to do Greece like a local you’d better follow in the footsteps of Matthew McConaughey.

The actor, whose new film “White Boy Rick” opened late last week, spent a bit of time in the Greek islands alongside his family and friends this summer in epic fashion.

While in town, McConaughey stayed on the island of Antiparos alongside fellow A-lister Woody Harrelson and his family. He spilled all the vacation details last week while making an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

“We meet up with the Harrison family in Greece. Now, Woody is the kind of guy that if you rent the place, but he shows up before you get there, he will take the master bedroom,” McConaughey said.

“We were there three weeks. Paradise. We had freedom—nobody was even taking pictures. The water is amazing. Greece is beautiful, it’s inherently generous, the sea doesn’t bite, the air doesn’t bite, the land doesn’t bite.” McConaughey told Fallon. “People love family. You take the eldest female, which is my mother, and she’s the queen in any situation.”

In fact, their stay was so good McConaughey revealed the family just couldn’t deal with departing. “We had a great three weeks and decided when it was time to go, we said ‘let’s push this. Let’s do another week.’”

It’s easy to see why McConaughey and crew would want to stay. After all, the tiny island is the picture-perfect representation of Greece, with its white-washed buildings and 360-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, they likely weren’t bothered by any of the locals on their stay, as there are just over 1,200 permanent residents on the island.

You can plan a trip that’s alright alright alright, too (sorry, I had to). Check out Travel+Leisure’s guide to island hopping in Greece and book your tickets before everyone else finds out about this slice of paradise.

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