The Travel Institute's Annual 'TRIP of a Lifetime' October Promotion

WHY IT RATES: New agents, as well as those looking to brush up on the basics, can save 40 percent on The Travel Institute’s industry-leading TripKit course bundle and enrollment in the TAP exam during the month of October. — Laurie Baratti, TravelPulse Associate Writer

The Travel Institute’s annual October TRIP of a Lifetime promotion for new travel professionals is now underway, featuring substantial tuition assistance savings of 40 percent on its TRIPKit introductory training course bundle and automatic enrollment in the Travel Agent Proficiency, or TAP, exam after completing the course.

“Since The Travel Institute’s inception, our singular goal has been to advance the industry one professional at a time. TRIPKit strengthens the professional foundation for new and less experienced agents by giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to be successful in our complicated industry,” said Diane Petras, CTIE, president, The Travel Institute.

TRIPKit has long been the gold standard in ensuring baseline, new agent industry training and is also often used by agents desiring greater knowledge of industry basics. A turn-key, affordable and flexible educational tool, TRIPKit offers potential travel advisors a comprehensive overview of booking air, ground, accommodations, cruises, tours, and packages while also exposing them to numerous other booking nuances.

“Anyone can become a travel agent, no experience necessary,” Petras said. “That is what makes our industry so appealing to new agents. At the same time; however, it creates a serious challenge for our industry in terms of sustaining the value of an agent’s role as critical advisor to consumers. TRIPKit helps transform enthusiasm into enthusiasm with expertise,” she asserted, citing the course’s focus on both travel know-how and business know-how.

“I am so impressed with TRIPKit! The coursework is comprehensive, and I was well prepared to pass the TAP test. I am now well on my way to success,” shared recent graduate Christina Balint, Balint Travel, Cleveland, who is making a career change after receiving her undergraduate degree more than ten years ago.

The TAP test, which evaluates a student’s newly attained knowledge and capabilities, is the first industry-recognized qualification for many industry newcomers and the baseline testing standard since 1964. A passing score on TAP is also the first step toward advanced travel professional recognition, according to Petras, as graduates showcase their accomplishment with customers and colleagues alike on their way to even greater success.

“TRIPKit and TAP are fundamental to graduating from our program,” explained Florence Brethome, CTIE, manager of leisure talent development, TravelStore, in Los Angeles, who uses TRIPKit with TravelStore’s Leisure Mentoring & Training program. “Passing the TAP test is a big deal,” she continued, explaining the TravelStore uses the course to ensure new agents acquire the knowledge critical to their role while the TAP test validates their progress. “[Using TRIPKit and TAP], we can supervise their understanding of their new role as travel advisors, address any challenges, and most importantly, reward their successes,” Brethome explained.

During the limited-time offer, students save nearly $150 on the TRIPKit comprehensive curriculum package. Along with the TAP final exam, the self-guided course includes two college-level textbooks and related workbooks, plus an extensive online-learning component focused on real-world, real-work experiences and information on industry technology, marketing and more. With online and print components, the course is used by individuals studying independently, agency owners and managers training new staff, and post-secondary vocational institutions teaching travel-related curriculum. The promotion also includes content distributed via a dedicated webpage, webinars, and other targeted communications.

“I am so grateful to have found the Travel Institute—TRIPKit is amazing,” said Milisha Brown, who recently rejoined the travel industry after more than a decade away and is now planning to start her own travel business.

As new agents have entered the industry in record-breaking numbers over the past several years, TRIPKit ensures the agent role continues to be recognized by travelers, suppliers, and other stakeholders for saving travelers both time and money while also providing the peace of mind that comes only when booking through an accessible and knowledgeable travel professional. “The travel industry offers tremendous opportunity to those looking to maximize their career in travel. Our TRIP of a Lifetime promotion makes it easier than ever for our new colleagues to gain the knowledge and tools they need to take advantage of those opportunities,” Petras concluded. Visit The Travel Institute’s October Promotion to learn more and take advantage of the limited-time savings.

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