This Family of 6 Sold Their House to Live Life on the Road in a Tricked-out Airstream

Feel like quitting your job, selling your house, and leaving all of your “suburban life” worries behind you? One family from Tennessee actually did it, and have made it their new lifestyle.

Three years ago, Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker decided to pick up and travel the U.S. with their four kids, Adali, Jett, Jax and Ada, SWNS reported. They sold their house and used the $40,000 profit to buy an RV. A year later, they sold the original RV and bought a bullet-style 1972 Airstream for $13,000, then spending six months and $30,000 fixing it up.

Their new home is gorgeously decorated and renovated on the inside. There are two sets of twin bunk beds for the kids, and a king-sized bed for mom and dad. Track lights, a full kitchen with a dinner table, and lots of vintage-inspired touches make it seem like this family isn’t roughing it too much.

“We were living the American dream. We had a big house, I was running my own successful website development business,” Jonathan said. “But we were spending so much time maintaining the house and paying our mortgage.”

The family has visited more than 30 states since buying the new trailer, and they’re not stopping.

Jonathan works on his web design business and Ashley homeschools (trailerschools?) the children, which she was already doing before they went on the road. Jonathan says he was inspired to take his family on the road after a friend in the same industry had decided to do it themselves.

“Once we realised that full-time traveling was something we could do because of our line of work, it wasn’t a very hard decision,” said Ashley.

The Longneckers say they have noticed a change in themselves, and also in their kids. Jonathan says that he hopes their current lifestyle will instill a “sense of wonder and adventure that they’ll carry with them the rest of their lives.”

“We know it’s not for everyone but it’s for us,” Ashley said.

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