This New App Will Connect You With a Local Expert to Take You Camping, Hiking, Surfing, and More

With “adventures on demand” as their motto, new app Lyfx (pronounced Life-x) wants to be the Uber of adventurous experiences.

Launched in July 2018, the digital platform hopes to connect travelers in the U.S. with local experts on a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, photography, cycling, surfing, and skiing. Sign up for an adventure, and your guide will take you off the beaten path for an intimate tour of the land.

“Travelers want an adventure that’s more personal and unique, something to talk about for years to come, not an ordinary touristy routine,” said founder and CEO Pedro McCardell in a release.

From backpacking in the Cohutta Wilderness, to boating in Casco Bay and taking photos of the Milky way in the Bonneville Salt Flats, you can trust your guide to know what she’s doing since all the experts have obtained the necessary permits and been vetted by Lyfx.

Lyfx currently has over 150 adventures available in Colorado and Utah, and by the end of September, it plans to offer at least 50 activities in California. As the team is working to expand their services around the country, they are additionally testing interest in states like Maine, Georgia, and New York.

So how does it work? As soon as you sign up for Lyfx, you are prompted to select your top three favorite outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, and cycling. Once you log in, there are several ways you can plan a trip.

1. Explore Lyfx By Region: This option is perfect if you already have a state in mind for your next adventure. Select a region (Colorado, Utah, or California for the time being), and you can then browse through all the trips local experts in your preferred activities are offering.

2. Explore Lyfx By Top 3 Activities: You can also search for adventures based on the three activities you picked when you signed up for the app. The activities on display here will take you all over the country, from New York and Virginia to Tennessee and Washington.

3. Explore Lyfx By Activity: For anyone looking to pick up a new hobby or try a new experience, this option lets you explore all the activities the app has to offer. Select photography, for instance, and you can then filter your search by region; if you do not have a particular place you would like to visit in mind, you may also browse all the available trips in the U.S.

When you see an activity you would like to learn more about, click on it to find out all the details, such as the itinerary, the trip’s duration, the difficulty level, and the gear you will need to pack. There is also an option to message the guides to request more information.

For now, certain activities — like sailing, kayaking, and canoeing — are not available, but with adventures being added on a continuous basis, the Lyfx team plans to offer those activities within the coming weeks.

Lyfx is available on the App store and Google Play.

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