Travel Leaders Group poll Inquiries but not many cancellations outside of Asia

A Travel Leaders Group poll found that the majority of responding travel advisors have only seen Covid-19-related cancellations for trips to China and other destinations in Asia, and more than half have seen no coronavirus-related cruise cancellations.

“While we are getting inquiries, we are not seeing many cancellations outside of China and Asia,” John Lovell, TLG’s president of leisure travel, supplier relations and networks, said in a statement. “This is the peak winter break travel period for sun-and-fun destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean. We are not seeing those destinations impacted by this. Cruise bookings in the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska are solid. People are not going to give up their vacations or stop traveling.”

Nearly 400 advisors completed TLG’s survey.

Approximately 30% said they’ve had “high to moderate” cancellations to China and other parts of Asia. TLG said “few” reported cancellations to other destinations: depending on the destination, 81-93% reported no cancellations outside of Asia.

In total, 64% of respondents said they had no cancellations of cruise bookings because of Covid-19, but 13% had a high number of cancellations; in those cases, TLG said the primary impact was on itineraries including China and other parts of Asia.

Nearly all (96%) surveyed advisors are confident that, once Covid-19 subsides, their clients will rebook their cancelled trips.

TLG is encouraging advisors to use only official sources of information, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

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