You Can Rent Chic Apartments Worldwide for Less Than $1,600 a Month

Oasis Collections Passport Properties in Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires

Best known for high-end rentals in South American destinations including Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, Oasis Collections is now rolling out a new way to stay. The company's Oasis Passport is like a subscription service for chic accommodations: Guests pay a fixed monthly rent, starting at $1,550, for a three- or six-month package that grants access to more than 350 homes in more than a dozen cities. The only catch is that you have to spend at least 30 nights in each home before moving on to the next one.

Put another way, you could spend three months living in a sleek, fully furnished apartment in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, or Mexico City for less than $4,700, all-in, with the option to change up your living situation twice along the way. Other cities, including Austin, Denver, and Miami, are available from $2,675 a month, all inclusive.

Oasis Collections Passport Properties in Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires

"There's truly a consumer interest and need for this type of accommodation as working remotely has opened up a whole new world of possibilities," an Oasis Collections spokesperson told Travel + Leisure.

The company began quietly testing the offering late last year, said Parker Stanberry, the CEO of Oasis Collections, but now it's ready for a global rollout.

"I think with the arrival of the new year and the positive vaccine news, we're about to be in a much better place," Stanberry said. "That combined with the fact that many companies are going to remain remote for most if not all of 2021 makes what we're doing quite relevant and timely."

Oasis Collections Passport Properties in Madrid, Paris, Buenos Aires

The company says the new offering is truly no strings attached: "Members benefit from ultimate flexibility, with the ability to move freely between any property in the Passport portfolio for stays of 30+ nights each, a seamless booking policy, no cancellation fees, and no advanced notice requirements." Rentals come furnished, of course, and Wi-Fi, housekeeping, and local concierge service are also included in the cost.

For now, there are 14 cities in the portfolio: Austin, Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Denver, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Santiago, and São Paulo.

"We are considering expanding into Milan based on consumer interest," a spokesperson said. "Nashville and Southern California are also destinations in consideration for the domestic market."

Oasis says that by the end of this year, it could have "600+ properties in 20 global cities."

And while the Oasis Passport is unique in its particulars, it's not the only subscription travel service aiming to capitalize on the new ways Americans will be traveling in the years to come. Inspirato, for example, has reported a surge of interest in its subscription rental-home offering, which T+L has called "the Netflix for vacations."

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